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  • X-RAYS


  • Office visit - $100

  • Recheck visit - $70

  • Eye Exam -       $80

  • Emergency visit - $100

  • Rabies vaccine - $30

  • DHPP vaccine - $30

  • FVRCP vaccine - $35

  • Bordetella vaccine - $30

  • Corona vaccine - $30

  • Lyme vaccine - $45

  • Lepto vaccine - $35

  • FeLV vaccine - $35

  • Flex 4- $80

  • Orthopedic Consultation - $200

  • HomeAgain microchip - $50

  • Feline Combo test - $70

  • X-ray 2 views (includes a
    specialist consultation) - $500

  • Dental cleaning and polishing ( including antibiotics) - $600

  • Cryo-surgery starting at  $300

  • Cat neuter - $450

  • Cat spay - $500

  • Dog neuter   

    • up to 30 lbs.      $550

    • 31 - 60 lbs.         $600

    • 60.1 - 80 lbs.      $650

    • 80.1 - 100 lbs.    $800

    • 100.1 & above   $1000

  • Dog spay      

    • up to 30 lbs.       $600

    • 30.1 - 60 lbs.       $650

    • 60.1 - 80 lbs.       $ 800   

    • 80.1 - 100 lbs.     $1000

    • 100 & above       $1200

* Surgery prices include any additional options such as drop off , e-collar, IV fluid, additional pain preventative medicine to go home and recheck appointment.


   Best Prices
      in town!

New prices effective January 1st, 2024:


Meet The Team

Olga Iglikova, DVM & CEO

Short Bio

John Sykes, DVM 


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Marni Hershbain, DVM

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Jonsey Thomas, DVM

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Alisha Martin, DVM

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Mohamed Emara, DVM

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 Each year we perform 3 to 4 thousand surgeries: routine spay and neuter as well as dental cleaning and extractions, abscess and laceration  repair, pyometra surgery, bladder stone surgery, eye surgery, mass removal and other soft tissue surgeries. Our anesthesia safety and successful surgery recovery results are higher than industry averages. We continually educate our doctors and team with the latest information available by attending Continued Education Seminars both online and at national conferences, and by studying current veterinary publications. While quality care is our main objective, we also keep our prices low in order to provide our clients with affordable veterinary services. We unfortunately do not provide billing services at this time, but will do our best to work within your budget. We do accept CareCredit in all our locations.

         Our hospitals contain state-of-the-art, modern equipment including:

  •  Digital x-ray: provides a better quality image and the ability to manipulate the contrast of the image for a more accurate diagnosis.

  •  Dental digital x-ray: gives an image of dental disease below the gum where most of the problems causing clinical signs and mouth pain occur.

  • X-ray specialty consultation: The digital x-rays allow us to send images via the internet to board certified radiologists who can analyze the x-rays and give us day-of feed back for more difficult cases without the cost and trouble of sending you to a specialty hospital.

  • In-house lab: Basic blood work can be run in-house and day -of surgery or in case of emergency when we need results right away.

  • Cryo-surgery: This freezing technique provides easy, fast, safe, and effective treatment of a wide variety of skin lesions and removal of excess eyelashes. Some pets may only require mild or no sedation reducing or eliminating the risk of anesthesia.

  • Advance surgery: Our orthopedic surgeon can performed complicated surgeries such as ACL repair, bone fracture repair, intestinal obstruction repair on site for half of the cost at referral hospital.

  •  Isolated operating room for dentals work: Isolating dental surgeries from the rest of surgeries to keeps bacterial contamination to a minimum.


Dave Henshaw (Google)

I have been going to Dr. Olga for close to ten years now . Growing up on a farm and being around animals my entire life; it is easy to tell who "cares about" animals and who doesn't.  Dr. Olga and the staff at her clinics are some of the most compassionate, professional, knowledgeable, intelligent, caring, and classy animal lovers that I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with.

Dawn Macdonald Lordan (Facebook)

Love them !! Everyone there loves and truly cares about animals! Have been bringing my pets here for years and they've never let me down!

Sharon I. (Yelp)

I cannot speak highly enough of Dr. Olga!  In fact, I have moved to San Francisco, and am still taking my two yorkies to see Olga when I'm back in Boston.  Dr. Olga is incredibly knowledgeable and capable -- she has been able to diagnose my dogs' issues better than any other vet.  Her office is also very conscious about the cost of services, and she never advises any unnecessary services or prescriptions.

Sally Addison (Facebook)

This is one of the best veterinarians around ...the staff is absolutely fantastic .... I would recommend this place to anybody, they are fantastic with all of my pets...

Tofoul M. (Yelp)

My pup's Blu vet Dr.Olga  (remarkable healer + true animal rights activist) who works @ Revere Pet Clinic + Medford Pet Clinic took the best care @ the best affordable price in the nation to heal my miracle survivor puppy baby Blu.

I do mean it genuinely when I say my puppy received the best care. Carl, one of the employees, carried her to the car & treated her gently.

Mr. S. (Google)

Dr Sykes is excellent. My dog had acl surgery and cost $1800 and if I went anywhere else would have cost $3500. They did a great job. My dog had cancer and  they did a free autopsy. I have put 3 dogs down in the last 9 years and would go no where else to do it. I have had my two dogs teeth cleaned four times and they did a great job and the cost is 1/3 of what those services cost elsewhere.



  • Animal Rescue League of Boston is an unwavering champion for animals in need, committed to keeping them safe and healthy in habitats and homes
  • The mission of the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is to protect animals, relieve their suffering, advance their health and welfare, prevent cruelty, and work for a just and compassionate society.
  • The mission of the Alliance for Animals is to promote animal protection, foster the human-animal bond, raise the status of animals and animal caretakers throughout the community, and provide direct rescue and adoption, targeting in particular inner-city Boston, and poor, elderly, disabled, and homeless pet owners.
  • Boston Pet Clinics is an active participant in shelter work, trap neuter release, and spay and neuter programs. We work closely with many shelter groups around the area providing discounted affordable care for shelter animals to help make your donations stretch as far as possible towards helping animals in need. Mass Paws, Kitty Connection, Whiskers of Hope, Melrose Humane Society, Black Cat Rescue and Broken Tail Rescue are just a few of the names of shelters we work with on a regular basis. We only work with non-killed shelters and adoption groups because we belief that every animal deserve to have a home and veterinary care. The combined work of these and many other shelter groups has made a significant impact on reducing the feral cat population in the Boston area and increasing adoption rates of homeless animals.

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